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Promotion Gift Planning

Understanding current markets
Markets of 21st century in any developed or developing world are highly competitive. Margins have shrunk to a few percentages. Manufacturers are pumping in sizeable percentage of revenues in research and development to come out with innovative products or introduce novel features in their existing product lines. Most sales and marketing strategists are at their wit??s end when it comes to designing a totally new product launch plan. Discount sales are no longer a niche idea to boost sales. However, this idea is still very effective and rakes in billions of revenues. A different flavor of selling at discounts is selling products or services with free gifts packaged along.

Possible promotional products
The promotional gift given with the main product or service largely depends on the value of the product or service itself. So if a travel company is trying to sell Europe vacation package to potential tourists, then the travel company may also give free digital cameras to anyone who buys the package. At the same time a pencil manufacturing company may give away a free eraser along with a bunch of pencils. Hence, the promotional items vary as per the main product/service to be sold or promoted. Sometimes additional pieces of the same product say like 2 pens are given at a cost of one pen as a promotion. Also it depends on the buyer profile and number of buyers. You may target your existing users and/or target new potential users. For instance, if you are targeting tourists, then giving out imprinted bag items can greatly impress them. These small gifts can make a great impression on buyers.

Deciding on a promotional product
Smart sellers are very careful in choosing promotional products. Often the cost of the free promotional item is very cheap but it will look as a high value product. One would give out a gift that complements the main product. Some manufacturers might dole out promotional gifts to introduce new product. Some promotional gifts might be samples of the new to be launched product or service. Marketing guides can also help you decide on the promotional gift. This can especially be helpful for anyone starting a new business.

Packaging your promotional gift
Not only is it important to correctly select the promotional items but also it??s critical the way you gift it. Many manufacturers don??t reveal the promotional gift. They keep it as a surprise. When the buyer opens the packet or box of the main product, then he/she will discover the promotional gift as a pleasant surprise. Such surprise gifts are often completely free. Sellers, who are on low budget, can this way mix variety of promotional gift and keep costs lower. For instance, if you are in the business of selling computers, you can select range of computer accessories as promotional gifts. Depending upon your budget, you can buy relatively expensive promotional gifts like USB flash drives to comparatively cheaper promotional gift like mouse pad or USB fan. Again, you may not put the promotional gift in all the boxes, thereby adding the element of luck to your whole promotion. This can also help you promote your computers at a relatively cheaper cost.

Giving promotional gifts is a proven way to boost sales of the main products. However, choosing the right gift requires considerable amount of analysis and planning. If this is done, the promotional item can turn the fortunes of your business.

Where to buy promotional products?
There are a number of manufacturers who are in the business of making and selling promotional items. Beware of those who offer unrealistically low prices. There is a high probability that the quality is compromised. Compromising on the quality of the promotional item can prove to be a deathblow for your whole business. It's wise to give a high quality smaller gift rather then giving a low quality big gift. A poor promotional item will bring you bad reputation and create a bad image about your main product. A good supplier will also give you good ideas on how to market your product and choose the right promotional items. The supplier will prove to be a good promotional products resource.

What is Gift Planning?
Promotion Gift planning is a thoughtful strategy that may allow companies to make the gift of their choice while benefiting their best promotion effects.
Our Gift Planning staff can answer your questions. Contact us to discuss your goals and concerns. Gift planning can help you.

What can we do for you?
We knows the technology of electronical gifts, the popular style items in different industries, the eligible suppliers in China and can guide you in planning your promotion gifts. Contact us for ideas even if you are not ready to commit to a gift.

We can work with your professional advisor and can supply you with ideas or suggeations for your attorney's advice and approval. Our planning information may be helpful to you right now.

Whether you are going to planning gifts for promotion or advertisement of your products, you need to plan your route. Semitek wants to help you reach your goal. Many companies don't realize that promotion gift planning can be an important tool in their promotion activities. Certain promotion gifts, properly packaged, can result in an extraordinary promotion or advertisement effect.

Tell us your expectations on promotion gifts, Let's give you best suggestions!

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